Worth EVERY penny! She saved my home, family and time. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!​

I was charged with Child Endangerment, albeit, completely unintentional, which could of have been 1 year in prison :(! Of course I read her previous reviews and story and figured her the best choice! I was RIGHT! She listened to my story and she could more than relate to it. She had been through the same rough waters only worse. Glad I didn’t have anything else going on that would of complicated my case. On the trial set date she was already at work before I arrived. She popped in the Court room briefly to tell me she was going to find “A different DA”, guess the first one wasn’t being flexible? That’s when I realized she was already there ;). By the time the Judge finally got seated, explained what was going on to the room and called for the 3rd person (I was 14th in line), She walked into the room and motioned me up front. She then presented the good news! 1st good news, I was free from prosecution! 2nd good news (kinda the same as the first) not going back to court! 3rd goodish news, the other DA cut an acceptable deal of 2yrs good behavior and no more problems of this type or they bring it back up. At which point I signed the piece of paper and was 4th in line! 😀 All that was left after that was “Fee’s” bill wasn’t that bad either. After that I went to get new tires on my car and was back home by 10:30 am lol. All the details aside. She didn’t waste any time at all! Had no intention of making the case drag out and just got down to business to clear my name! Now I get to live in the home me and mine are in the middle purchasing and can continue to raise my 4 boy’s (minus the chaos that lead up to all this of course :)) THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! I hope I don’t need your services in the future; however, If I do you will be the FIRST person I call!